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L-Arginin Volupta Sensua

Help women and couples all over the world ...

Sensua is the exact same product as Volupta

Sensua! is the first product specifically designed to enhance a woman’s intimacy. Sensua! is a patented formulation developed by Gynecologist Ronald J. Thompson, MD, FACOG and a team of leading Women’s HealthCare Professionals.

Sensua! For Intimacy

The Retroactive Bioscience Sensua! Intimacy Gel is intended as
a moisturizer for vaginal dryness and personal lubrication of the
vaginal entry to enhance condom use and the responsiveness during
intimate sexual activity.

This was the first product developed, patented (US Patent #
6,322,493) approved, and widely accepted to enhance intimacy for
women. Our Female Intimacy Gel has been clinically tested and proven  to benefit women of all ages and conditions. It has achieved over $60  million dollars in sales since its introduction and is currently distributed globally through our partner network.

Regulatory approvals include US FDA clearance, CE Marking,
ANVISA registration, and approvals in other countries. There are also
multiple US and international patents granted.

Producer: 40J’s LLC dba RetroActive Bioscience – One Moock Road – Suite 3B
Wilder, KY 4107 USA

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Sensua! Kiss Lip Enhancer

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